After School Student Nannies – working for WeCare4Kids.

When you first get in contact, we’ll just ask you to fill out a simple form on the website to get some details into out systems. The main things we are looking for is an interest in working with children, ability to work in the UK as an after school nanny, and a great attitude.

From there if selected we will ask you to do an informal 30 minute interview probably by Skype, to get to know each other, talk about the roles and understand why you’d be a good fit.

The role itself is to look after children in their home after school during the week for 3 to 5 afternoons. So we are thinking meet at the house, or pick up from school if that works, organise some play time, help with homework, look after play dates and perhaps cook dinner so that when mum or dad comes home everything’s sorted. In a month we’d expect your hours to be no less than 40, which isn’t hard to do over such a long period.

If you like the role, and we think you are a fit then we will introduce you to some families and see if we can get a really good fit. You’ll meet the parents and the children and if everyone is happy then we take it from there.

Once you and the family are happy, then we organise for a proper employment to be set up between you and the family. That means you will be paying tax (though it’s not that much, but also that you will be provided for under employment law). You will receive holiday pay as part of your salary if that’s what you’d prefer, and be enrolled in a pension when the time comes, again if that’s what you wish.

As soon as we start organising the contracts, we’ll pay for your DBS background check (pretty much a requirement for responsible childcare nowadays) which takes 48 hrs and then you can start work. From start to finish that could be two weeks, or it might take a little longer.

Once you start working for as an after school nanny we will support you throughout your time with the families and can help with anything from recipes, to days off and sickness. Indeed we will be in touch one or two times in the month to make sure that everything is going well.

The salary for the roles is £8.50 per hour plus holiday pay and we pay at the end of the month. The minimum monthly hours during term time is 40 hours per week but we usually finds that there’s some extra hours babysitting etc on top of that. You’ll be based in one of our centre towns of Guildford, Egham, Weybridge or Walton On Thames.

If you are interested in applying for a role, just go to www.WeCare4Kids.co.uk

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