Need an After School Nanny? How it works

If you need an after school nanny in the Guildford, Egham, Weybridge or Walton on Thames area then we can certainly help. We realise that one of the most stressful, but important parts of being a family is organising quality care for the children.

At WeCare4Kids we specialise in after school nannies for working families as we know it’s such a big problem, and something that we can use technology to help with. We recruit students over 18, probably studying a care related subject (but not necessarily) who have a good attitude and interest in working with children. We interview students and select only those who we feel will meet the high requirements of parents.

When you contact us we will ask you to fill out a simple form so that we understand your needs. We’ll organise to visit you in the home, or a Skype call if that’s better so that we properly understand your needs. From there our systems will start matching. The whole placement process will likely take a couple of weeks from this point.

We will probably shortlist two nannies for you to meet and we’d hope that one meets your needs but if not, we can re-visit the brief. Our nannies will be health and safety trained and DBS checked.

Once you have selected a nanny, we will assist you with employment contracts (you will be the employer) and checks via our payroll company, and once the contracts have been signed you’re usually ready to go.

For most agencies that’s where the service stops. However with WeCare4Kids and as part of our service we continue to work on your behalf. We’ll keep in touch with your nanny, give her ideas for activities and play, recipes and so on but we will also handles payroll, pay sickness on your behalf, return tax receipts etc. For emergencies we will use our bank of staff nannies to cover sickness (if we can) and offer additional babysitting if your nanny is unable to help.

As far as payment, WeCare4Kids charges an hourly rate of £13 per hour which covers everything. There are no added costs.

We love working with families, if you’d like to get to know us then just fill out one of our registration forms and we will take it from there.

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